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  Polaris Vinyl Windows

Pittsburgh Polaris Windows

The owners of New Horizons are
fortunate to have a twenty-year
working relationship with the
premier window manufacturer
Polaris Technologies.
As a result of our partnership, we have been given the right to
market their windows exclusively under their Polaris trademark.
New Horizons made the commitment to the Polaris badge to
fullfill our desire to distribute a distinctive window product that
is synonymous with quality and energy savings.
New Horizons and Polaris Technologies both offer
quality products, both strive for customer satisfaction
and both are second-to-none in the home remodeling
and home improvement industry.
Pittsburgh Polaris Windows Features and Benefits
Pittsburgh Intercept Spacer Sytems
Pittsburgh Limited Lifetime Warranty
New Horizons is proud to offer
our customers premium windows that are available in three series:
Polaris Technologies vinyl window series offers today's best insulated glass packages which includes warm spacer systems, insulated frames and Low-E gas.
A standard feature on the Value- Smart series is the Intercept Spacer System—a warm edge spacer system that seals your window. Or upgrade your window's energy efficiency by choosing from our ThermalWeld and UltraWeld series which includes HealthSmart Super Spacer® glass technology.
All of our Polaris vinyl windows
include a Platinum Seal Warranty. This means that your new windows are fully warranted against defects in workmanship and materials
under normal use and service for
a lifetime from date of installation.
Pittsburgh Polaris Windows
Pittsburgh Polaris Windows Styles
  The Polaris® line of vinyl replacement windows are perfect for customers who are interested in quality windows at an affordable prices. Polaris® windows
offer many configurations, features, performance, warranty and value to benefit customers who are seeking a good return on their investment.
Pittsburgh Polaris Windows Styles Photos
Available in three series:
® | ThermalWeld®| UltraWeld®
Pittsburgh Double Hung Polaris Windows
Double-hung windows combine
a traditional style with
ventilation flexibility. Both
sashes open — a little or a lot.
To open the windows, you
raise or lower each sash.
For natural ventilation control, lower the top sash to let the warm air that rises to the
ceiling outside, or raise the bottom sash to let cool air
flow inside. The windows are designed for tiliting the top or bottom sash for easy cleaning.
Available in the UltraWeld® series.
Pittsburgh Polaris Awning Windows
Awning windows easily open
and shut with one handle.
They are good for rainy
climates, because they can
be open during a gentle rain without letting water in and giving you full air flow.
Available in two series:
ThermalWeld® | UltraWeld®
Pittsburgh Polaris Slider Windows
A sliding window features easy brass roller glides, making in friendly to operate. The profile has clean lines for a streamlined look. Both sashes can be
removed easily out of the frame for cleaning. Slider (or glider) type windows have two sliding sashes that slide right or left (horizontally) to make this window very easy to manage.
Available in the UltraWeld® series.
Pittsburgh Polaris Casement Windows
A great choice for those who
desire easy operation with
no reaching - they open and
close outward with the quick
turn of a handle, and the lock
system secures the window
in two places with one easy-
to-reach lever. The single
sash of a casement window
also gives you a clear view
to the outdoors.
Available in the UltraWeld® series.
Pittsburgh Polaris Bay and Bow Windows
Bay and bow windows can accentuate a view by dividing
it into different planes.
They also bring in more light
and give a feeling of open
space to a room.
Garden windows are designed
for beauty and functionality.
You can grow plants and
flowers indoors.
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Pittsburgh Roofing Siding Windows Doors by New Horizons
New Horizons / Polaris Vinyl Replacement Windows
Learn how New Horizons and Polaris Technologies deliver quality vinyl windows. We strive for customer satisfaction and are second-to-none in the home remodeling industry.

ValuSmart Series (Good)

Picture Windows

ThermalWeld Series (Better)
Double-Hung Windows
Glider/Slider Windows
Picture Windows

UltraWeld Series (Best)
Double-Hung Windows
Awning Windows
Casement Windows
Glider/Slider Windows
Picture Windows
Bay and Bow Windows
Garden Windows

Other Window Materials:
Vinyl Windows
Wood Windows

Window Designs:
Window styles designs
and profiles

Energy Savings:
PPG Glass Technology
HealthSmart Glass
EnergySmart Glass
SunClean Glass
Energy Star Rated
Insulated Window Frames

Partners & Associations:
Energy Star
AAMA Association
NFRC Council

Glossary of Window Term
How to Measure Windows

Window Tips & Maintenance

Your installation company should review all interior products and exterior products that are being used for installing your windows, so you can understand your difference when making the right choice.

Pittsburgh Remodeling Replacement Windows

Because all application procedures can be different,
be sure that your installation company is explaining
all that's included in your installation, including the condition of your jams and what special preparation is needed for your new window application.
Remember, it's not just your windows that you need to
be concerned about, it's also the finished and exposed products that need additional protection against harsh changing climates. Especially the exterior trim and caulking around the exterior of
the windows is usually the area where most wear occurs—before
your window unit is compromised. Flexible caulk joints
combined with a drainage path for moisture keep vulnerable
trim elements rot-free.
Pittsburgh Remodeling Budget

When choosing a new window, it is important
to know the true value of your replacement windows, vinyl windows, fiberglass windows, wood windows, or aluminum windows. Depending upon what grade or style you’re looking for, it can make a difference in pricing, features, benefits and performance. New Horizons
offers quality assurance window installation services
at competitive prices, with exceptional value with guaranteed performance, guaranteed professional installations, and guaranteed warranties that are the
best in the industry.

Pittsburgh Remodeling Your Home Style

An array of random window shapes and styles might
work on certain homes, but most homes are much more attractive when each additional or replacement component remains true to the original architecture.
If you want to stay true to your home’s original architecture, choose windows that are the same size
and style you already have. You should choose handles, hinges, and locks that are similar to other ornamental metals in the home. Keeping your replacement windows
in harmony with the original architecture of the home
will also help save money by eliminating the need to
make adjustments the home to fit the replacement windows. In some cases, altering the appearance of a certain architectural style can also decrease the value
of the home.

Pittsburgh Remodeling Exterior Window Capping

Be sure that metal smooth aluminum or PVC material
is installed over existing exterior wood window trim
(and open voided areas throughout the exterior window openings). The smooth aluminum is all aluminum and
the PVC is an aluminum base with a PVC coating
over the aluminum with a wood grain texture look.
Our company recommends using the smooth verses
the PVC. The PVC has a tendency to collect dirt
more often due to the wood grain texture grooves.

Having metal installed over wood trim and sealed with
the proper caulking will prevent air and water infiltration. Be aware of the other window companies selling windows without any metal trim work. If they're not capping the windows, they're just caulking up against the old exterior wood. The old wood will not secure the application of
the new caulking. within time. The caulking at the base of the old wood will un bond itself letting water and air infiltration in, causing harm to your windows and walls.

Important metalcapping detail differences include: strong manufacturer, thickness/gauge, colors matching window units, UV protection, corrosion resistance, chalk and fade resistance. Our company only use high quality metal capping materials for your application.

Pittsburgh Remodeling Caulking

Our application includes quality interior paintable
caulking and exterior siliconized caulking. Our select window lines include matching color caulking and matching aluminum window trim.

Pittsburgh Remodeling Price and Quality Comparrison

Be aware of the quality metal and caulking products being used throughout home improvement companies. The difference between inferior and quality of products
can be as much as 50 - 75% difference in pricing.

Pittsburgh Remodeling

New Horizons insulates every window we install!
Our application includes using fiberglass and/or spray window foam insulation around the perimeter of the window and voided areas throughout the openings.

Pittsburgh Remodeling Limited Life Time Warranty

Most window manufactures today offer limited lifetime warranties. Most manufactures also have a service charge fee to replace the part and/or service.
Be aware, most home improvement companies and window manufactures will not go in depth concerning
how the warranty really works.

Service fees can range from $75.00 dollars up to $225.00 dollars for homeowners. Another concern is who is actually doing the service work. Several window manufactures leave it up to the lumber yards, retail stores, outside sales force, window distributors or home improvement companies to service your product.

Pittsburgh Remodeling Safe and Clean Work Area

Our professional applicators perform all the neccesary prep work to protect your living areas. New Horizons takes pride in a clean work environment and knows the value of a clean home. We will take all neccessary precautions to protect your home to the full extent during our application. When complete, our applicators clean the work area and remove all job related debris.

Pittsburgh Remodeling We Haul Away Debris

New Horizons takes the time to remove all
job related debris from your property.

Pittsburgh Roofing Siding Windows Doors Federal Tax Credit

Nearly all new windows manufactured today
qualify for the Federal Government Tax Credit.

Contact us at anytime to receive a no-pressure FREE Estimate
on any of our home improvement services.

Leak Barriers

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Remodeling Terms

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Patio Doors
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Online Rebates
Directions to Showroom
Energy Smart Glass
SunClean Glass

Insulated Frames

Energy Star Rated
AAMA Association
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PPG Best Glass Technology
Window Styles and Profiles

Email questions or comments to: info@newhorizonsremodeling.com

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